Dana Ernst

My name is Dana Ernst and I am an assistant professor in the Mathematics Department at Plymouth State University in Plymouth, NH. I am also the administrator of this wiki. My primary research interests are in the interplay between combinatorics and algebraic structures. More specifically, I study the combinatorics of Coxeter groups and their associated Hecke algebras, Kazhdan--Lusztig theory, generalized Temperley--Lieb algebras, diagram algebras, and heaps of pieces. By employing combinatorial tools such as diagram algebras and heaps of pieces, one can gain insight into algebraic structures associated to Coxeter groups, and, conversely, the corresponding structure theory can often lead to surprising combinatorial results. I am also very passionate about mathematics education. I am an avid cyclist and rock climber and also enjoy hikes with the family and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

This wiki does a great job of typesetting mathematics using LaTeX and jsMath. For example:

The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

If $f$ is a continuous function on the interval $[a,b]$, then

\begin{align} \int_a^b f(x) dx=F(b)-F(a), \end{align}

where $F$ is any antiderivative of $f$.

Here is how to get a hold of me.

Dana C. Ernst, Ph.D.
Department of Mathematics
Plymouth State University
MSC 29, 17 High Street
Plymouth, NH 03264

Office: Hyde 312
Phone: 603.535.2857
Fax: 603.535.2943
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